PBX Telephone Systems

15 Nov

Technology ever dynamic, and so is voice communication. The invention of PBX phone systems is the most recent advancement in voice transmission. IP Telephony system only serves a particular business or office as opposed to serving many businesses or the entire population. Compared to the conventional system this phone service provides extra features at a lesser cost.

PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange, which describes a private network used within a dedicated space. Its network comes with outside lines to facilitate external calls for its users. PBX connects its private network within its local space to a public switched telephone network to make the calls. This VoIP Phones system redirects incoming calls to the correct extension. This is done through an interconnected private local network that has connection lines to each extension. Its many customer service features are very useful to organizations. These aspects include automatic voicemail connection, automatic greetings, and multiple teleconferencing. This method is preferred because it reduces operational costs since all users do not have to have a personal line within the entity.'

An outside line routes all incoming and outgoing calls. On the other side, internal lines route internal calls. PBX is preferred because of many other reasons. Some of these reasons are its ability to conference several incoming calls, make outgoing long distance calls also playing music for calls on hold. This helps companies impress clients who appreciate the professionalism.

These systems advancements are IP and virtual PBX systems. IP particularly can handle VOIP calls. Therefore with this system users within an entity need one phone to make long distance calls that are external.

Another advantage is that virtual PBX functions with little hardware, there it don't require expensive switchboards or maintenance.A fully functional system is run online by a firm of technical experts.

The company provides the phone, but the service provider attends to all other equipment needed. The system users within the company alert the system of the numbers they will be reached at. The hosted system then handles the directing of and answering calls. This ensures the calls get to the intended employee or department.

This system was developed over ten years ago and has become very popular because of its features. Its appreciated because it saves money on costs of equipment and improves the current network. They were previously used to make work easier because of their increased functionality, coupled with cost efficient hardware. Therefore these PBX systems are the best choice for companies that need a dependable network.

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